Captain Rick's Spices

All Natural, No MSG & No Sugar
We donate a portion of proceeds to PTSD of First Responders
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Buy Locally in St. George, UT

Save on shipping by buying directly from Clear Water Plus.


  • "Hey, Captain Ricks seasoning made for some great roast potatoes tonight! Good stuff! A little olive oil and Ricks seasoning is all, tastes great”

    Justin Keate

    Principal Desert Hills High School
  • "Captain Ricks seasoning made our salmon delicious! We cooked it in the fire camping. And I don’t even like salmon that much but Captain Ricks made it so delicious! “

    Gabe Keate

    Tin Foil Dinner out camping
  • "We have used Captain Rick's seasoning salt for a while now and we use it on everything. My wife, Micah, had a pot luck at her work and she decided take tater tots and we put on Captain Rick's Seasoning Salt, as we always do. To say it stole the show is putting it lightly. Everyone raved about how good it was and begged us to let them know where they could get it from. We recommend using Captain Rick's seasoning salt on everything!”

    Micah and Tyler Whitehead

    St George, Utah Firefighter

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