PTSD Recovery Effort

We don't know who it affects
We donate a portion of our proceeds to PTSD treatment for our First Responders.

We don't know who it affects

Posttraumatic stress disorder is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions, child abuse, or other threats on a person's life. Symptoms may include disturbing thoughts, feelings, or dreams related to the events, mental or physical distress to trauma-related cues, attempts to avoid trauma-related cues, alterations in how a person thinks and feels, and an increase in the fight-or-flight response. These symptoms last for more than a month after the event.

Trauma affects millions of people

A person with PTSD is at a higher risk for suicide and intentional self-harm. Most people who experience traumatic events do not develop PTSD. While there is still ongoing research to effectively treat PTSD, each person's situation is different. 

Firefighters and PTSD

Who would have thought that even our firefighters, police officers & EMS can experience a traumatic event that leads to PTSD. This hits close to home because Captain Rick is  a firefighter who wants to help those in need, especially our first responders by donating a portion of profits directly to the care and treatment of these heroes.

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